CoTech Space4 gathering 29-30th November 2018


Hey everyone,

Please could you confirm your attendance by signing up here:



I think there is an error in the URL above, this URL works for me:


That’s weird. Thanks @chris for posting the correct one. I’ve updated in the first post on this thread too.


@polly I think that sounds like good approach to making decisions that are blocking us during the gathering. It’ll also be a good opportunity for teams to share their progress.

I think if we have to make “member decisions” (new members, changes to the constitution, changes to the membership criteria) we should try and follow the process we agreed on last year (in the constitution) - or change the constitution in advance of the gathering!


Hi guys!

Sylvain from Happy Dev & Startin’blox here! I’m very excited to join you for your hack.

Happy Dev is a French network very similar to CoTech and we’re looking forward to discussing with you how we can join forces to conquer the world together! We’re going to have a session during the hack. I think we’re working on the same issues and we’ll present you the solutions that we think solve them.

See you then!


Hey so I’m trying to timetable the shorter sessions (discussions, mini-workshops). If we are kicking off at 10am, I imagine the morning of the first day will be taken up by getting settled, getting the hacks set up, and then most people will break for lunch. So I’d suggest not running any of these in the first morning. And we’re breaking at 5 each day for decision-making.

So I would suggest that the mini session slots are:
4-5 (this one would need to finish promptly, assuming participants want to be in decisions)

4-5 (again, finish promptly)

Most people I’ve spoken to have suggested an hour is about right. But if you think your session needs more, I’d suggest either blocking out 2 hours, or else, you could always move to a separate room if the conversation is so heated that you want to continue (you may even decide you want to turn it into a hack that you continue with throughout the rest of the event).

If you’re running a session could you let me know which slot(s) you’d like? @chris @sylvain @shaun @liam I know you’re all getting involved in sessions, I’m sure there are others I’ve forgotten too!

People who think spontaneously of sessions they’d like to run during the event can fill in any blanks.

If you can think of a better way of doing this, please chip in now!!


CoTech Gathering 2018: Shared Hosting and Infrastructure

Thanks Polly! We haven’t taken our train tickets yet so I’d rather take them before confirming a slot.

It’s in our top priorities so I’ll let you know real soon!


Hello Polly,

We have the tickets! I suggest we take the Thursday slot from 2 to 3, if that sounds good to you.



@KingMob are you coming to this event?

Happy Dev will be there and I’m planning to convene a hack team on what the “CoTech as a service” site would look like. E.g. “type what you need in this box to search out database of 372 technologists” - which is, I believe, what you and happy dev both have in mind.


Yep I’m coming to the event, really looking forward to talking about how we can work with cotech and happy dev.

We’ve been imagining quite a low tech system for matching technologists to projects so far, but that might just be because we’re quite small and can do it with just talking to each other.


Gateshead council assigned us a business adviser to help constitute us legally, and through our discussions with him, we worked out that what Code-Operative (our org) does is provide teams of people for projects in a transparent way.

So, I’m coming in with the view that the web service aims to put together teams of people with the right skills for the project, who already know and like working with each other.

At the moment Code-Operative is just 4 people, but we’ve been talking about if we had about 30, maybe we could have affiliations within the co-op e.g. a group that goes mostly for political projects, a group that wants to work on games and VR, a group that likes working with experimental tech etc. The idea being that these groups will arise naturally, so we can harmonise it with the goals of the co-op.


There is now a timetable-in-progress on the CoTech wiki:


Platform Co-op dude Danny Spitzberg has shared this video of his recent talk about platform co-ops:

We could organise a viewing/discussion as one of the sessions? Perhaps one lunchtime?


Hey y’all,

I’ve just created a CoBudget Bucket for the hack.

The idea is that this will go towards lunch on Thursday (I’ve booked a great pizza place round the corner), food and drinks on Thursday night, snacks throughout the day etc. I’ve not booked anywhere for lunch on Friday and was thinking we could play it by ear what people want to do, I imagine some might want to just crack on with things if they’re going to their respective home towns at the end of the day etc.

In terms of actually paying money, I’d rather that people bring some cash, so we don’t need to process a zillion tiny invoices. But I figured it’d be good to try out the CoBudget thing out, as a test of how it’s working.

I’ve not yet precisely costed things, but I imagine that after buying lunch on Thursday, dinner on Thursday, and allowing a bit for snacks etc in the space, there might not be tonnes over for booze - so byo also if you’re a thirsty-type.


The video in question:

I’ve just listened to it, it isn’t very long, if you think it would be worth screening and discussing then let’s do it :slight_smile:

Another thing that we could perhaps do one lunchtime is a international video call with other tech co-ops? See the thread here:


How many people are expected at the event, the URL above doesn’t appear to make this public? I’m asking as our Treasurer is wondering following a request for some funds for the Cobudget pot.


We have 30 people signed up so far. I’m hoping for a few more - still no one confirmed from a few of the co-ops.


Hey Polly, really sorry we’ve been so slack with confirming things and signing up - been a crazy couple of months. Co-op Web will definitely be there, I’ve booked us a couple of tickets so far, but hopefully we can get a couple more down too. Looking forward to seeing everyone after missing last year!


Hi Nick, Really pleased to hear a few of you can make it! Looking forward to meeting you on Thursday :slight_smile:


Exciting times! Do you know what teams you’ll be joining @Cweb-Nick?