CoTech skills mapping session at the gathering


I’d be happy to do be the Agile Collective person. Not sure I will have in the next couple of months to help with the working group, but happy to jump on a call as a stakeholder here and there


I can cover Animorph base, where do we input the data?


Thanks @polly, thanks @aaron, thanks @SzczepanOfAnimorph
I’ve just had a great discussion with @rory and he will be writing very soon.


Hi Everyone,

I’m so sorry for being so slow on this; I went entirely off grid over Christmas, and I’ve been catching up with work stuff for the last week. I’m drafting an update based off of really useful conversation I had with @asimong in December, which I’m hoping to finish and post after this manic week is over (with clients in Geneva now, and going direct to Manchester mid-week for a General Meeting - bloody coops with their incessant democracy).

Sorry again for being a blocker on this!


Animorph report: mission complete!