CoTech General Circle Call 25/03/2020

The last week of March is around the corner and on last Wednesday of the month we are holding CoTech Governance Circle Calls, and this month will be no different!

The call will take place on Wednesday the 25th of March at 4pm. Code-Operative agreed to host the call and will share access details (both online and dial-in options) shortly.

Please post the items you would like to add to the agenda.

Until then, take care!


CoTech General Circle Call
Time: Mar 25, 2020 04:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 842 189 476

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Two points to the agenda:

  1. As mentioned in the other thread, this morning @chrislowis shared the outcome of the proposal regarding the fund, voting shares and decision-making. It would be great to make sure everyone is on the same page with permanent CoTech fund.

  2. Also, would like to briefly touch upon a fresh proposal to cover costs of our Loomio subscription.

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I want to join the fund and then vote to agree to spend money on our Loomio subscription :slight_smile:

How do we join?


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Brilliant, it’s best to email treasurer at and specify how many members would you like to contribute for!

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Please find the minutes on CoTech wiki, as always it was a pleasure!


Sorry I missed the call, glad it went well. I noticed this in the notes regarding this Discourse forum:


  • Nick: Would be great to verify whether people who advertise jobs or services on the forum are from co-ops.
  • Aaron: Forum is entirely open and perhaps it should not be or we could have a private section or another communication platform.


  • Forum: Make a referral part of the forum private. Start a thread on Loomio (Aaron)

I’d be happy to make additional categories private or whitelisted who can be in them, we already have done this for some groups / projects, if possible I’d rather avoid setting up additional applications for CoTech internal communication…

Is there one or more volunteers to set this up and maintain the private CoTech : Referrals category? I can grant the admin or moderation rights as needed and help with initial category creation and the settings.


Sorry we missed this one everyone! We got the date wrong. Was on a client call at this time also. Hope it went well. Will read minutes.

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Would it be ok to get a private thread for chats that we don’t want to be public? I’m keen to know how other co-ops are dealing with this rather strange situation that we collectively find ourselves in, and I’m mindful that not everyone will want their feelings/fears out there for all to see.
Is it much work to do that @chris?


Sure, that’s not a problem, I have made you an admin so you can create categories and make them private, message me if you need some help with this.

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A CoTech members group and private categories have been created, see this thread.

Ah sorry, I just saw this!

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Could someone take on organising the following CoTech circle call in two weeks time? @KingMob are you still up for hosting the call?

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