CoTech General Circle Call 2020 Returns!

Hi Everyone!

My first post on the forum !!! Rather exiting !!!

Should we return to our monthly CoTech governance call we used to have every last wednesday of the month?

Let’s embrace the below decision making proccess.

We still have a little bit of time left, please think of any proposals and bring them to the circle call.

Btw. Is anyone up for hosting the call on their service ( whereby etc.)


Yes, we should and we’re happy to lend our zoom pro account to the cause


Yeah I was wondering about this too recently! Is this a general CoTech thing or only for the CoFund contributorzzz? And does an agenda get made/circulated before hand? (If all this info is already available somewhere please feel free to just point me there)

As I understand it the plan going forward is for them to be one and the same thing, ie to continue to be full members of cotech, co-ops will need to contribute £1 a week per member. Have a read of the link shared above for details. The wiki page still describes them as proposals but I’m fairly sure they’ve now been approved on Loomio.

Yes, I understood the same - but I think it’s a bit unclear when exactly that’s all happening. I guess it’s down to us to figure it out! :smiley: @Michal_Animorph @SzczepanOfAnimorph do you have any more understanding on this, or should we just figure it all out on the call at the end of the month? And if we want to start paying our dues, how do we set that up? thanks all :heartpulse:

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And if we want to start paying our dues, how do we set that up?

You can find out more about the fund in the fund
. Let
me know if I can help!


@Lucy this is certainly work in progress! The proposals passed on Loomio in January paves the way for a complete decision-making process. On the same Loomio thread people kindly highlighted what needs to be looked at going forward, these concerns (and more to be discovered!) will be addressed at the coming gathering during Worker Coop Weekend.

The following call will be our first opportunity to use the process depicted on the drawing from the wiki.

We highlighted ‘External idea’ as an option so in theory even a person from outside CoTech could suggest a proposal to the Call. We would encourage everyone to post their idea before the governance circle meeting (e.g. on this thread), so we can add it to the agenda. The Call will aim to workshop proposals and get them to a stage when they can go to Loomio (unless there’s important work to be done to satisfy raised concerns, e.g. more research). Only then it becomes important who has contributed to the Fund (has a Voting Share), because only members of the co-ops that contribute financially can vote.

The pilot year of Fund has come to an end now, it was passed Loomio on the 8th of Feb 2019. We will produce a report summarising it and describe how it will continue existing as a part of CoTech governance.

Thank you all for supporting and contributing to this transition!