CoTech at EMF Camp

We’re coming and will be happy to take part, at the moment difficult to focus due to casual maelstroms, but maybe we can signal? Could you send me your number?

My talk got accepted! Me and @SzczepanOfAnimorph will be talking about this. Anyone else interested should give us a shout. We can create a village on the wiki: Electromagnetic Field 2022 - Electromagnetic Field 2022

Me and the munchkin will be coming along. :smiley:

We were planning to set up near the forge, but a CoTech village would be great.

If anyone has spare van space, then we can bring larger toys.

I’m getting a delivered at the end of this month, as well as thinking about making another Gingery Furnace, Project:GingeryFurnace - London Hackspace Wiki which will be fun. :smiley:

With the Maslow, we could start to build some hexayurts…

Awesome!!! I guess the CoTech village will be more of a conceptual village than us actually camping together. Drop me a DM on how to contact you.

I would love some input on the talk :grin:

For some strange reason, my kid does not want to pitch our tent next to the forge… :smiley:

We’ll pitch up at the CoTech Village instead.

There are still a few tickets available, if anyone else would like to come along… :smiley:

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Wahoo - CoTech village! Hope you all have a great time :slight_smile:

This looks cool and I don’t live very far away, how many CoTech people are going?

Would love to attend this, however I don’t thing crutches and camping mix hahaha maybe next time have fun all that are going it looks like it’ll be awesome

If anyone at EMF has DECT setup (Phones - Electromagnetic Field 2022), my number is 3879. Call me :smile:

Will get in touch, three of us are coming, though not sure if we can make it this eve or tomorrow morning… See ya!

To anyone who’s considering coming but they don’t have a ticket: we have got one spare!

We’ll arrive late in the evening, but could help you in around 9:30pm or anytime tomorrow!

Just got back home from EMF.

Wow! :smiley:

I didn’t run into any of the CoTech crew, but there was lots of stuff going on…

@liam: There were several people using crutches, as well as a few in mobility chairs and a few that were wheelchair-enabled. There were accessible toilets and showers.

Maybe the next one in 2020. :smiley:

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Does anyone have a summary of how the CoTech village or talk went? I tried searching but I got a dead link

Obviously I’ve got an eye on the next EMF Camp: July 23rd–26th 2020


The Call For Participation is up. :smiley:


Also it might be worth registering for a Village now.

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We are going again but not might have capacity to register a village…Perhaps something to be discussed at the coming Circle Call?

@kawaiipunk are you coming? Maybe a little joint talk about CoTech?

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BTW, first round of tickets goes on sale at 19:00 tonight Electromagnetic Field

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Yep I will be there. Already got a ticket. Happy to do a talk!!


We’ve got the tickets but it got cancelled too… see you 2022!

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