CoTech Community Call


No response, so today is a no-go. Will ping folks in the slack channel too.


@chrislowis is in for Monday, as is @Leutha and me. Who else? Agenda is here but we can talk about whatever you all want! Hence the name COMMUNITY call :wink:


Hey friends! Here’s a reminder that this afternoon we will have our April CoTech community call. Come in numbers!


4pm? I’ll be there if I can.


Confirmed, 4pm TODAY


I’ll join at 4, might not stay for the whole thing though depending on how much I get done between now and then!


Apologies, I got back late at 4 :15 but when I logged on the call there was no-one there!

all the best,


Hey sorry, got waylaid doing something. I could join a call now if anyone’s around?


Looks like we are all passing like ships in the night.
I need to go soon - sorry.

Up for it another day though.



(Got lost in the today/tomorrow/ is today today or tomorrow?.. the temporal disjunct that is email)


HEY @here - we have a community call scheduled for today, and I for one could REALLY use it. I’ve been bouncing around the world and have NO IDEA what’s been happening in the CoTech network since last month. Maybe y’all want to show up at 4pm and tell me what’s what? PLEASE!?

As always the agenda is here. Add your items and meet me at 4pm using Jitsi in Chrome:


I hope to join the call today.
Is the link this still?:
Amongst other things, can I tout for business?


Howdy, is anyone up for the Community call tomorrow?

I’ve been out of the loop for a while so would be great to catch up with what folks are up to…


I would be interested :slight_smile:


I can join on behalf of Outlandish from 4-4.30.


I would be interested but unfortunately I shall not be available.


I can’t make it today but I hope you all meet and TAKE NOTES :wink:


… and then there were three!

Any more interest here for this afternoon?

Happy to take notes (Aaron & Polly)

With only three, it seems not particularly worthwhile?




Hey Felix,

I say we go ahead, even if it’s just for 15 minutes to touch base and find out what each other are up to…



Hi Aaron

Great, love the positive response.

Please, can we use your screen-share chat room thingy?