CoTech at EMF Camp

Hi folks,

I was planning to go to EMF camp which is a hacker/maker camp in the UK this summer. Anyone else from CoTech community going?

 Electromagnetic Field 2018 will be held 
 on 31 August–2 September 2018 
 at Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Ledbury.

The first batch of tickets will go on sale on Monday the 29th of January 2018 at 19:00 (UK time).

We could do a meetup about co-ops or even submit a talk. I’ve never been before but it looks great and loads of people from my local makerspace are going.

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Or possibly a Cotech ‘Village’? Could be a good alternative to last year’s ‘camp’…

CoTech Village! That would be the best.

I’ll be heading there as well.

I’m looking to build some hexayurts to take along, so i’ll be looking for someone to share a vehicle.

CoTech Village sounds ideal. :smiley:

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We’re going there too (if we only get hold of tickets so far successfully missed both releases) for the first time, not sure how much we can get involved in setting up a village as for now, but definitely happy to help.

Yep, I don’t have a ticket yet either! A bit worrying. Will try again I guess.

In the same situation, ticket-wise.

If we get there, then we get there.

Yes folks, thinking about this as well! On the look out too … would be great to get there.

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Another festival that’s both sooner and just before EMFcamp is Small World.

They put on a festival in springtime, and at the end of summer.

One of the main things that’s good about the way that they run the festivals, is that they power the whole festival from renewable sources of energy, the power banks that they have are run from solar panels, and, wind turbines.

I’ve been going there for years, and, i know the organiser.

If we can’t get EMFcamp tickets sorted out, does anyone fancy putting on a Maker-ish event there?

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People might be able to get tickets tonight:

The main batch of tickets for this year’s EMF will be released next Tuesday, April 17th, at 20:00 UK time (UTC+1) on . Prices start at £135.

Did anyone manage to get tickets? I didn’t but am thinking of submitting a talk about tech workers co-operatives.

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This time we hunted a few down. Spreading CoTech propaganda sounds good, let’s have a chat about it sometime!

I managed to get tickets for myself and the munchkin. :smiley:

They still have a few tickets available for people who are willing to put on workshops/talks.

More details here,

What about getting a CoTech village organised?

I was originally planning to moor my tents next to the blacksmithing area like last time. There’s nothing like the smell of charcoal, and steel. :smiley:

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I managed to get a ticket :rofl::sparkling_heart::grin:


Hey everyone, how is the best way to start a discussion on getting a CoTech village together? I haven’t logged in to the CoTech slack ever but it could be that way? Signal or WhatsApp? Email (o jeez)?

I have submitted a talk about co-operatives/CoTech which I would enjoy some input on. I have also been accepted to do a musical performance.

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We’re coming and will be happy to take part, at the moment difficult to focus due to casual maelstroms, but maybe we can signal? Could you send me your number?

My talk got accepted! Me and @SzczepanOfAnimorph will be talking about this. Anyone else interested should give us a shout. We can create a village on the wiki:

Me and the munchkin will be coming along. :smiley:

We were planning to set up near the forge, but a CoTech village would be great.

If anyone has spare van space, then we can bring larger toys.

I’m getting a delivered at the end of this month, as well as thinking about making another Gingery Furnace, which will be fun. :smiley:

With the Maslow, we could start to build some hexayurts…

Awesome!!! I guess the CoTech village will be more of a conceptual village than us actually camping together. Drop me a DM on how to contact you.

I would love some input on the talk :grin:

For some strange reason, my kid does not want to pitch our tent next to the forge… :smiley:

We’ll pitch up at the CoTech Village instead.

There are still a few tickets available, if anyone else would like to come along… :smiley:

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