Co-ordination update

We had a discussion about co-ordination during the March Community Call

We discussed setting up working groups, and asked three key questions:

  • how we make it clear which groups exist?
  • how we show what needs to be done in which group?
  • how do we make it easy for people to jump in/out to these groups that interest them.
    So this is a start :wink:

Community Calls: co-ordinated by Laura (Weareopen)
Newsletter Group: This is up a running See: [CoTech Newsletter March 2018] (CoTech Newsletter: March 2018) project membersl
Wiki: check here Fabian (Digital Liberties) will co-ordinate this.

Also we have started to plan for Wortley Hall 2018, see 2018 Wortley Hall (or wherever): Planning inside CoTech

So we are staring to get a team of people taking on responsibilities.


Yeah @Leutha! Thanks for highlighting this.

Perhaps a good place to start tackling those points is on the Wiki!? Simply documenting what is happening.

I can do something for the newsletter stuff …

Will try to put some gas into the next … come one, come all

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