August CoTech community call

Hey folks,

July is nearly over which means it’s time for the next CoTech Governance Circle Call . I have renamed this community call to make it sound more fun… cos it is!

The call will take place on Friday the 28th of August at 3pm . The session will take place here:

Please post the items you would like to add to the agenda.

See you then :slightly_smiling_face:


I was talking to @polly about this and she said we have the call on last Wed of the month!
I hope everyone is cool with this change (one off), sorry if this causes anyone inconvenience.
I’ve set up the RSVP function so do use that if you are intending to come to gauge numbers…

I have one item for the agenda: CoTech Gathering in Oxford in the Sept/Oct - decide whether to go ahead with this idea or not.

Poll for this is here:

If you haven’t done so, please add your thoughts to help us decide!

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@aaron Is this going ahead tomorrow, then? :slight_smile:

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Yes the CoTech monthly call is at 3pm today online at and I have created a wiki page for the agenda and notes, please feel free to edit it,

See you folks there!

I have some agenda points/updates:

Community Animation & Hubl

  • On 14/08/2020 we had the first Community Animation working group call. Minutes here. Among other things the agenda was to discuss the onboarding and ongoing monitoring of Hubl, and the mapping of CoTech’s members in a taxonomy
  • The next step is to have a 15-20 minute call with every co-op in CoTech to discuss everything included in the questionnaire drafted here. Any volunteers to help us with this workload would be greatly appreciated


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I’d like to add the Commonwealth event/general speaking opps for Cotechers, pliz

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I can’t get in. Anything I have to do? :frowning: