Ansible publishing thread

Use this thread to publish your new roles/collections/scripts!

Also see the category introduction for more information.

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I’ll kick it off with two things we got out at Autonomic recently.

  1. molecule-hetznercloud: a plugin for Molecule which allows for simple automation for integration testing of Ansible roles on Hetzner VPSes.

  2. autonomic.gandi: a role for configuring records for Gandi DNS. It’s not quite finished but it works for now (btw, it’s a library, so the tasks/main.yml is empty)


I’ve also seen a sick amount of good coop related Ansible work going over at the following:



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At Autonomic, we’re started using Webarchs fail2ban and debug roles internally to handle our infrastructure. This has been fun and useful! I’ve asked @chrisc to publish git tags on those roles so that we can pin against them in our requirements.yml file. I also got stuck in an added Molecule based testing to the fail2ban role (see this PR) which is a win for anyone who uses this role and makes it easier to maintain going forward as something shared between both coops. If things change, check if the tests pass, simple!

Unrelated to that work, as part of the initial bootstrapping for, a lot of Ansible work got published over at which might be interesting to check out.


We’ve published a bunch of Ansible roles at Autonomic at long last!

Here’s a blog post if you’re interested :heart:

Boosts welcome: Autonomic Co-op: "we've finally managed to publish a bunch of the A…" - Sunbeam City 🌻

The Ansible role you have published looks like a copy of the one I originally wrote for this forum? This role has had a lot of updates since and at some point I intend to seperate the Postfix tasks into a seperate role.

One nice improvement I’ve made since you copied it is to read the Postfix config as JSON so that tasks can be set to only run when things are to be changed. Also since I last updated it JC has added a postconf parser so that could be added at some point.

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