Anyone got an ansible scripts for Janus WebRTC server?

I ask because Janus is a large part of the now open source Nextcloud Talk High Performance Back End and someone is trying to package that up for easy install on the Cloudron platform. So I’m trying to help them to help me (and all over Cloudron users).

Thanks in advance!


Note that The Cloudron Subscription license is not a free / open source license.

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As I understand it the backend and all the app packages are open source, and the front end is developed openly too, but yes regrettably the front end isn’t open source itself any more.

Ansible publishing thread - #3 by decentral1se might be a decent place to look through for related ansible stuff.

re: cloudron, the license and context around re-licensing was a bit worrysome. Their packaging may be open source but if you dive into the details of it, it is completely tailored to their system. On first thoughts, that would make sense except when I realised that a lot of the app containers are built up from scratch - even when upstream projects release the containers ready-to-rip. They cite some docker security issues but again, it just compounds the fact that once you’re on cloudron, you are on cloudron and won’t easily be getting off of it.