Zoom's change in ToS is Meet.Coop's opportunity

You may have heard yesterday’s news about the change in the Terms of Service used by Zoom.

There’s a good breakdown here:

While Zoom did give a reply, saying that it wasn’t that bad:

They haven’t rolled back the changes, or given any legal assurances that this won’t happen again.

This is where the opportunity is. :smiley:

Zoom was previously being used by medical worker in the USA working remotely, but the changes in the ToS mean that Zoom will no longer be compliant with the medical regulations required by the medical insurance companies. :smiley:

They are NOT covered any more, so medical workers can’t use Zoom, as the workers will be personally liable if something goes wrong.

Meet.Coop doesn’t have that problem. :smiley:

I don’t know what hoops will have to be jumped through to get that approval, but if a Coop can do this, then it would fit within the USA legislative environment, as well as reducing the inequality in the USA. :smiley:

And it’s a profitable market niche. :smiley: