Yvant Cooperative Limited would like to join CoTech

Hi CoTech members

I’m writing on behalf of my colleagues at Yvant, a newly formed and registered Co-operative Society, that we be considered for membership in the CoTech network.

In a way we already feel somewhat part of the community as we regularly lurk/check in on the Discourse forum. We made some posts a while back and received valuable help from some of the members… we met with Chris from Go Free Range, Alex from Common Knowledge and contacted Doug from WeAreOpen; all incredibly open, friendly and helpful.

So who are Yvant? From our website:

We are brought together through friendship and a shared vision: helping to solve the climate crisis. But we also want to work differently. Democratically. Our values (openness, equality, transparency, fairness, purpose) seemed to align with the co-operative principles. So we started the journey. It has been a long but enlightening road to becoming a co-operative but we’re thrilled we’re finally here. It would be great to start sharing in a community like CoTech.

As requested in the How to join CoTech page I’ve attached our Articles of Association.

Yvant_Rules.pdf (289.7 KB)

Thanks for your time, and looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Tony (Iván and Ethel)


Hey Tony!

That’s great news. I’d be happy to help you with the application, we’ll have to run a members vote on Loomio, I’ll get that sorted for you.

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Thanks Chris!

Note: I did originally send this as an email to contact@coops.tech as per How to join CoTech and Graham Mitchell suggested posting it here would get a better audience/response.

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Thanks Tony - yes, I’m not really sure who if anyone reads that contact email. I’ve added it to my list to update the instructions on the website to do what you have done.

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Hi @chrislowis. Any update on this? If there is anything else we need to do please let us know.

Hi Tony - so sorry, things have run away with me a bit at the start of the year. Will get this sorted as soon as possible.

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I’ve now started a member vote on Loomio, it’ll run for 7 days. If you’re a CoTech member, please head over there to vote.

Thanks Chris, much appreciated.

I had a quick peek at the result of the Loomio poll, looks like we’re accepted! On behalf of the team at Yvant I’d like to thank you all for your votes and encouraging words.

What happens next?

Yes! The proposal passed with 12 co-ops in favour and none against. Welcome to CoTech Yvant!

As you can tell, we’re not very well organised when it comes to handling applications or onboarding new co-ops (or to be honest, very much at all). But I’m certainly happy to try and help you get orientated.

There are some CoTech infrastructure and communication channels that you might like to join in addition to this forum. In particular Loomio (where, infrequently, decisions are made). We should also add details of your co-op to the CoTech website - you can do that yourself if you’re familiar with git and markdown, or I can help.

We also run a collective fund for CoTech members to contribute a small amount (£1/member/week suggested) to help pay for CoTech activities and shared costs.

All of these things are opt-in really, so let me know if you’re interested in any of them and I’ll help you get set up.


Thanks Chris.

We’re okay to create a PR to the CoTech website, will get onto that. Will also circle back with the team about the various channels and collective fund contribution.

Thanks for your help getting us on board, appreciated.


Welcome to the crew Tony! Excited to have you here and to be working with you in future.

Thanks Alex! We’re chuffed to be part of the community and to work with
you in the future too.

Alex via CoTech Community noreply@community.coops.tech writes:

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