Yurt for 4 people @ STIR New Economy festival offer ends Monday 3rd June

Jonny from STIR magazine got in touch to offer CoTechers a free four person yurt and entry at the New Economy Festival in July with a request to know who would like to go before Monday the 3rd (otherwise he’ll offer it to someone else)

I think that Polly is going to take one space in the yurt for one night, would anyone else like to go? If so, please reply to this message so that other people know who is going/if there is still space, and send Jonny an email on stirtoaction@gmail.com

Please note, I am not organising the festival or going to it, so if you have any questions about it please check the website/get in touch with him.

And if you do go, please do mention CoTech to the other participants :slight_smile:


If this wasn’t during the week and during term time I’d have loved to go, it does sound like it’ll be a awesome little festival. @nick was considering going and perhaps he might be in a position to be able to take one of these places?

I can take one! It sounds amazing. Does it include a ticket?

I’m going to this, Jonny has roped me in to emceeing some of the sessions …

@kawaiipunk and anyone interested, this is what Jonny said:

The deal is if 4 people from Outlandish/CoTech book a ticket together, then I’ll give the 4 ticketholders the yurt for free (so they just need to he happy to share the yurt).

Our way of saying thanks for Outlandish support over the years :slight_smile:

Please send any other qs to Jonny
Cc @polly

I am going indeed. I will be happy in my tent though. Will look forward to chatting with other peeps there :slight_smile: … I’m aiming to spend as much time swimming in the lake as possible :swimming_man:

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I’m going (but for free as I’m doing some stewarding/ generally helping out) and may well need somewhere to sleep… anyone what happened with this in the end? :slight_smile: I guess I’ll just ask Jonny…