Wotcha! We're Bravand

Hello there, I’m Ross and I’m Insight & Strategy Director at Bravand.

There’s a bit more on Bravand below, but I’m here because CoTech’s manifesto really resonates with our own ethos. In the words of our Founder; “Yes yes yes - this is the sort of membership I’d be thrilled to be part of :)”. We are not a worker owned co-operative, and I’m interested in us becoming one and joining CoTech.

I’d like to speak to anyone that can help get me working towards that goal!

Cheers, Ross

Bravand is a collective of digital problem solvers.

We apply our skills across UX, research, strategy, design and digital production to help organisations solve big, horrible, complex problems around their customers, their processes, and their communications.

Clients of Team Bravand range in size and sector. Problems solved in the last 12 months include projects across investment banking, human rights charities, mental health tech, social enterprise, retail, payments and gift cards, and higher education.


Hi Ross,

I think we connected on LinkedIn a week or so ago? Sorry for not replying to your message (which I think you sent). I’d be happy to have a chat and point you in some good directions and great to hear your enthusiasm for the coop.

I’m also working on a project that is aiming to help people exactly in your situation so I may have a request fo you as well if that’s OK! Feel free to email me on Aaron[at]agile[dot]coop.



Member, Agile Collective


That’s great, I’m sure there are lots of people here that will be able to help you with this :+1:.


Fab - thanks Aaron. Have emailed you. Look forward to speaking!

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