Wortley Hall: How to collaborate with other CoTech co-ops

One of the main things we (Go Free Range) want to get out of Wortley Hall is to figure out how we can collaborate with other co-ops within CoTech.

To this end I’d love to hear from people who have been involved in such collaborations over the last year. For example it would be interesting to hear:

  • How did the collaboration come about?
  • How did you present the collaboration to the client?
  • How did you work together on the project?
  • How did it work out?
  • Would you do it again?
  • Would you do anything differently?

I’d also then like to work out how we (GFR) get a collaboration off the ground in the next 6 months. I’d prefer to keep the conversation as practical and concrete as possible.

One idea we have is to talk through some examples of opportunities that we’ve seen on the government’s Digital Marketplace where the project sounded interesting, but we didn’t feel we had all the necessary skills to apply. Hopefully we could figure out how to apply for such projects in the future with the help of other co-ops.

Would other people be interested in having a session or sessions like this…?


Hey @james, thanks for articulating this so comprehensively. We would definitely be up for doing something like this and happy to share our experience over the last year.

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Similar to your points @james I would like to have a chat about project management in CoTech collaborations. From my experience, a collab requires more PM time and this is important to remember when pitching for projects, and during sprints.


@james yes, we are keen to discuss this also. We see a lot of potential collobrations with other CoTech organisations, but as a new member, we don’t know how best to get this going. We have done a few applications through the Digital Marketplace, and have ourselves delivered projects through the GDS assessment process, so count us in to these discussions!


@aaron, @Kayleigh, @annie: Excellent! Look forward to chatting about this at Wortley Hall.

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