Wortley Hall budget to share?

Hey people who’ve organised past Wortley Hall events.

I’d like to do something similar to bring together all the various people and group working to create a Better Media in the UK.

Planning on applying for some grant funding to help do it too… and it would be really useful to have some real figures to play around with - is anyone able to furnish me with a budget details for the past events? (costs for Wortley Hall hire etc etc).

I assume so, so thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


@jdaviescoates - there’s a basic overview of costs in our solidfund application which includes the per-room rate we agreed with Wortley Hall and our budget for facilitation. If a breakdown of final costs would be helpful @aaron has a spreadsheet!

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@jdaviescoates happy to share the spreadsheet. It’s a google sheet at present so either provide a gmail account I can share it with or send me an email (aaron@agile.coop).

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Great, thanks @aaron and @chrislowis - just emailed you Aaron :slight_smile: