Wortley Hall 2017 bar tab

Howdi folks,

In the interests of transparency, here’s a list of the contributors to the bar tab at Wortley Hall last year.

The tab was running on Monday and Wednesday evening and came to £897.10. The contributions are as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • Agile Collective - £200
  • Gilded Splinters - £50
  • Go Free Range - £200
  • Outlandish - £367.10
  • Principle 6 - £50
  • Webarchitects & Media co-op - £30 (apologies - I don’t know the split of this amount)

There was a lot of uncertainty around the bar tab during the event. It came about organically at the time and we’ve since sorted it out between those of us listed above.

Cheers, Chris


Thanks for posting this.

I don’t either, I think we felt that we didn’t need to contribute as much as we might have due to the fact that we paid for the DJ.

Thanks for sharing this @chrisroos

Interesting to note the similarity between this and the Open Conf bar tab / sponsorship.

I think we should look at getting this proposed and agreed ahead of events in future and encouraging more but fewer contributions. If the majority of orgs in CoTech puts in £10 - £100, for instance, we can cover these sorts of things easily.