Workshop on “Sharing & Cooperativism: Designing for Economies” at NordiCHI 2020

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I am one of the organisers of the workshop “Sharing & Cooperativism: Designing for Economies” at an Human-computer interaction/Design conference (NordiCHI). The conference is in Estonia but we will be running it in a virtual format too.

We’re looking to encourage practitioners as well as academics to participate.

Hope it’s of interest to some of you.



The call for participation is attached:

"The NordiCHI 2020 workshop “Sharing & Cooperativism: Designing for Economies” aims to bring together practitioners and scholars working at the intersection of sharing, cooperativism, and design.

By turning to sharing and cooperativism, we imagine building systems in relation to the wider social and political structures surrounding these concepts. Yet, in sharing and cooperativism, less emphasis is given to the possibilities that design can bring to the emerging interactions at the intersections of social, cultural, and economic issues. A progressive approach is needed to uncover the relationship of sharing and cooperativism to new design paradigms that allows us to move towards an alternative understanding of economies through design. Our aim is to ground this discussion through a design workshop that is well-aligned with the historical, political, and economic infrastructures in order to shape the relationship of design and economics in the context of sharing and cooperativism.

We call for participants from diverse backgrounds to contribute to a critical discussion at the intersection of design, sharing, cooperativism, and economics on the workshop’s thematic areas: (i) Local relational assets in sharing; (ii) Global sharing cultures, and (iii) Design beyond markets for sharing and cooperativism. More details: Theme – Sharing & Cooperativism: Designing For Economies

To apply, please submit a 1-4 page(s) position paper explaining your interests in design and cooperativism in the ACM Submission Template format by September 1, 2020 through our website To promote broader participation from design practitioners, and community activists, we offer the option of submitting alternative material in the form of a design portfolio, a short manifesto, or the like.

Key dates:
Submission Deadline: September 1, 2020, 5pm PDT
Notification: September 8, 2020
Workshop: October 25/26, 2020
Location: Tallinn (Estonia) or Virtual

Özge Subasi, Koç University (TR)
Anton Fedosov, University of Zurich (CH)
Oliver Bates, Lancaster University (UK)
Airi Lampinen, Stockholm University (SE)
Ann Light, University of Sussex (UK) and Malmö University (SE)

More details:
Questions? Drop us an email at "


Hey fellow cotech members! I’m just giving this a bump as the deadline is coming up (Sept 1st). If anyone is interested feel free to message me on here, or contact the email in the post. Hoping to see some friendly faces :slight_smile: