Worker-owned co-op 'agency' software?

:hourglass_flowing_sand: :moneybag: WAO uses a combination of Xero, Google Sheets, and Toggl to manage the time tracking and budgeting side of our business.

It’s fine. And it works, but it’s a bit more manual (and then occasionally prone to errors) than we’d like. What are other people using? I know Outlandish have a custom thing which syncs with Toggl, for example…

Link to existing project divvy-up template

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TBH even just hearing from a fellow cooperator who’s used something like Zapier to auto-update a specific cell in a spreadsheet would be great. Wondering about Airtable, but it’s not as pretty as our colourful template :sweat_smile:

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We use Productive, on the recommendation of dxw. We mostly really like it an it’s saved a ton of time.

We use it for scheduling, time tracking, budgetting and sales pipelining. We don’t use it for the project management features.

It’s expensive but we like it!


Productive looks interesting! We were using Float for scheduling/resourcing and then Clockify for tracking, with Zapier helping line up the projects for consistency / adding in one place. Clockify then added and improved scheduling earlier in the year so we moved purely to that. It’s not the prettiest though, so perhaps Productive is worth an investigation


We moved from Float to Productive.

It has it’s limits. It isn’t aware of our cycles/sprints and this is how we plan and like most systems like this, the GAANT style scheduling view is not perfect for jenga-ing stuff around or speculative scenarios. For example, what if all this work lands.

By contrast, Float has a pencilling in feature. Productive maintains a rigid distinction between sales and projects while keeping continuity: you can’t schedule anything not marked formally as sold. I like this because I don’t like wasting time planning time in the calendar for projects that might not land with deadlines that we inevitably be purely imaginary, but sometimes you want to know if you are about to mess up!


Haha yeah definitely know that feeling of messing up!

It might be interesting to set up a mini show & share session sometime between anyone interested if people are up for it? One of the frustrating things I find about all these softwares is you can’t really assess what is missing / how effective it is until you’ve fully transferred everything over to them. This can be hugely time consuming. Perhaps just showing how we each do it could be a nice insight into practices and to get a look at other potential softwares?

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