Worker organising in mainstream tech companies

I’m talking to a political group about worker organising in tech. Does anyone have information on current/recent worker resistance/strikes/sabotage inside investor-owned tech companies, in the UK and internationally? Links/gossip welcome.


The quickest source for this is this database:

Which has a corresponding GitHub -

Happy to chat about this in general of course. Some of our members are involved with Tech Worker Coalition in London.


This is gold!, thanks for the info.

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A group is starting up in Scotland -

It’s Prospect staff involved, but they emphasise it doesn’t have to be Prospect people join - tho apparently STUC has recommended tech workers join Prospect.


This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks all!

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IWGB are helping gaming industry workers organise in the UK too via Game Workers Unite UK:

You might also want to check out GWU more broadly -

They’ve got news:

and resources for workers in the industry:

If games is your thing I can recommend this book, Marx at the arcade ( by Jamie Woodcock who is helping organise with games industry, couriers, and Amazon turkers.

FYI - my other job, as an academic researcher in computer science, is looking at empower gig economy workers who are food and parcel couriers so I’m reading around in this area a whole bunch and going to interesting events.


Assume you’re in touch with Trebor Schloz at He’ll be connected to lots of people studying/ researching similar stuff

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I was not! Thanks for the pointer :slight_smile:

3 years ago, I was laid off by a big American investment bank I worked for 10 years as a computer programmer in Tokyo by means that were probably bordering on the legality.

I took the “offer I could not refuse” and left the company and my story is probably very common.

I think the reason why there aren’t many collective actions against such shady layoffs is that the banks are basically “cult groups” (Figuratively speaking, I say this for emphasis - their ideology is just not mine) around the management hierarchy, where the majority want to go up in the ladder by endearing themselves to the leadership.

This is why I am interested in starting or joing a worker coop :slight_smile: