Worker Coops International Weekend 30 April - 1 May 2021

In lieu of the postponed Worker Coop Weekend (and CoTech Gathering), the Worker Coop Council/Coops UK is proposing a series of online events and exchanges with an international focus, provisionally 30 April-1 May (International Workers Day). Watch this space, but could be an opportunity to programme some discussions with worker tech networks in other parts of the world.



This should be fun, the one last year was:

20.00-late | Worker Co-op Bonfire

To access the Worker Co-op Bonfire, you are first invited to join the Multiplayer Cooperative Quiz Adventure: ‘a worker coop based quiz experience’.

Blake House Filmakers Cooperative will write a multiplayer quiz experience, where a group of friends or strangers will encounter a branching storyline that evolves with the player (or does it?), where there are no wrong answers. The players will quest through the labyrinth to unlock a code to join the Worker Co-op Bonfire, a gathering of only the hardiest cooperators.

The game will take place in a fictionalised ‘Worker Coop Weekend’ based weekend gathering.

Will your cooperative move the fire?

The game begins between 8pm-8…30pm.

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That link seems to just go to the home page… as does the one on

Might be my browser (Firefox/Android), but I’ve had problems with URLs going wrong before

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Thanks for checking that @danholden, when I checked it the other day it went to a room on the server in Germany, @simon.blakehouse @Ieva_BlakeHouse does this need fixing, are you able to update the redirect? (if not let me know where it should point to and I should be able to fix it).

yo, yeh scoop looks broken, you can join the game, from 8 here: Worker Coop Weekend 2021, Room 1

yah it was working before, now it isn’t :man_shrugging:

the game will start, from 8pm, at this link Worker Coop Weekend 2021, Room 1
if the scoop link could be fixed somehow that’d be obviously great too !

I’ve added an Apache redirect, sorry I didn’t do it earlier but I have been out all day:

lynx -head -dump | grep Location
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