Wordpress Developer needed!

Hi everyone,

we have need of a developer both in the short term and the long term. We’re a small team and recently lost our backup developer to a local full time opportunity, so as of this moment, I’m on my own! I’m technical director of Creative Coop, as well as lead developer.

We build websites in Drupal and Wordpress; usually it’s more Wordpress, but as it happens I am fully stacked with Drupal work at this moment. We have a couple of small jobs and one large job starting over the next month or two; all Wordpress. We also have a client or two who are growing and we need to grow our team. Also; I need a holiday sometime this decade.

We need a Wordpress and/or mainly front end developer. I mean, in our ideal world, we would find a full stack developer who can do everything in both Drupal and Wordpress, and I can have an extended holiday! But realistically, we need someone whose main focus is Wordpress. We are open to short term project-based freelance work to fill in gaps for us, or someone looking to join our Coop longer term after we find out if we all work well together.

Ideally we need someone with at least a couple of years experience, not a beginner, and we need someone with basic PHP knowledge (i.e. not exclusively front end). I don’t want to be too restrictive on the skills and experience we’re looking for because other intangible things can be just as important.

Again in our ideal world we would find a developer local to Colchester who can go and work in the Creative Coop office with our design team. But I work remotely in North Yorkshire and I’m open to the idea of collaborating with another remote developer to take pressure off and help us to ramp up.

If anyone knows anyone please send details to me or ask them to email hello@creative.coop and if they want to see examples of the kind of thing we do they can visit our website https://creative.coop


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Hey Alan,

Good to see you here :wave: Not the perfect solution but we do have some developer capacity at the moment, and most of developers have a fair bit of WP experience. We’ve worked with other coops in a few different ways - variations of partnerships vs outsourcing. Drop me an email if you want to discuss. Also Autonomic do WP stuff might be worth having a chat with them.


Hi Polly,

thanks so much for your reply. I’ve had a few nice responses that I’m working through. We’re talking to a local developer today as well but the general theme is that 1) everyone is busy, and 2) even people unhappy in their current jobs don’t want to risk leaving at this time. Which is understandable. We thought we were all the way there with another developer who was ready to start on a small project for us and he pulled out at the last minute.

I may get in touch with you as we discuss our options and gradually talk to people and I’ll keep Autonomic in mind as well.

thanks again