Wordpress assistance needed for co-op website overhaul

Hi everyone, Tom here from DotCooperation. We are currently in the process of revamping a website that we inherited from another cooperative organisation, (stories.coop) and we are looking for someone skilled in Wordpress to assist us in our project. The below outlines the (paid) job:

This wordpress site was created several years ago, and was excessively customized through its custom WP theme. We migrated the site over to our own hosting account in February.

  1. We are attempting to reverse engineer the home page construction, which uses an external file (unknown) to configure its content. We cannot locate that file and it may have been lost during the WP migration since it is a file external to the WP environment.

  2. Also each page content width is hard-coded to a particular content width. The site was so customized that we cannot use or find standard WP controls on page width.

  3. We are also looking for the controls of the menu area at the top of the page. The standard menu controls in WP are available, but there is more content in the menu area that is not configurable in the standard menu settings.

It would seem that we need a Wordpress developer that knows how to create custom themes for WP. That knowledge might help to reverse engineer what is in the site today and perhaps fix it or override it. Then their next step would be to undo the customized, hard-coded content width on each page.

If you have the knowledge required to help us with this then please contact me through tom@identity.coop and we can discuss further details. Thanks everyone.

Thank you everyone, we have had lots of interest in this job - therefore the offer is now closed. I appreciate all your help.

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