WooCommerce Subscriptions/Memberships + Discourse integration

H there CoTech cooperators,

I’m looking for a someone who could help me write a Wordpress plugin script to integrate WooCommerce Memberships with Discourse groups. Here is background from Discourse Meta on how this can be done: Integration between WooCommerce Memberships/Subscriptions and Discourse. However, you may run into the issues described here.

In our case, the Wordpress site is serving as the SSO provider for Discourse, and we have a membership plan on the Wordpress side corresponding to a group in Discourse, such that when a user is added to the Membership plan in Wordpress, they should be automatically added to the group in Discourse, and when they are removed in Wordpress, they should be removed in Discourse. That is the core functionality needed.

As well, non-members arriving on the Discourse side should be prompted to login or learn more / sign up for membership (i.e., redirected to a login / sign-up page in Wordpress). In practice, memberships will be granted and expired by the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin, which integrates with WooCommerce Memberships.

Our budget is $500, with some wiggle room if complications arise. Our launch date is November 15, and we would like to have the integration completed within 3 weeks, by mid-October. Can anyone here help with this project?


Hello @madrush
Hope you are doing well!!
I’d Glad to assist you.
Pm sent with details, Please check.
Thanks and Regards


Have you been in contact with Pavilion? They are Discourse developers and although they are not CoTech members they are a co-operative and a few of them have accounts here, @angus @pacharanero



Hi @madrush and thanks for the Pavilion namecheck @chris
We are indeed a co-operative of freelancer Discourse developers. I’ll link to this post in our thepavilion.io Discourse instance and see if there is anyone with availability to take on your work. (I’m not available on your timescale unfortunately)

Here’s the topic I created in our new ‘Quick Jobs’ section, in case you want to follow up there @madrush


Thanks, @Carter, @chris, and @pacharanero! I will follow up…