Who Really Owns Huawei? A response to Professors Balding and Clarke

Hi all, I thought I’d share this here as I thought it was an interesting investigation into Huawei’s governance structure. The newsletter features a quick analysis of and translation of Prof. Wang Jun’s response to Balding and Clarke’s article Who Owns Huawei.

You can find the full newsletter (with links to the above resources and more) below:


Quite neccesary debate. I’ve been researching this topic as well. I might bring some papers/articles I read as well these days.

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These are some academic papers I found (plus a video response to the same article you cited). Now, I wanted to continue my research with primary sources (both management employees and baseline employees in Huawei)

I couldn’t reach any employee yet, except for a worker at an Argentine division of Huawei. They don’t seem to know of those employee benefits (like profit sharing and representation at worker organs). So, this indicates that it seems as a possibility that the property structure of Huawei divisions around the world is heterogenic. We’d need more information and bigger samples to draw conclusions. (Ideally secondary research AND primary research with actual workers of Huawei). Otherwise, we’ll likely get into consumming propaganda line by inertia. But, I do consider definitely Huawei as a case of study (with its possible pros and cons).

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I’ve not looked at the ownership issue at all but the maths behind the implementation of 5G and the role Huawei played is really interesting, this is a great article on it:

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