Who has Keycloak?

There are a few projects that have a Keycloak/SSO system. I know of at least [Wechange]wechange .de, fairkom .eu & lescommuns. org

Is there a GDPR compliant way that we can let users 'log in with ‘sustainable project Oauth’ rather than ‘Proprietary service Oauth’. Has anyone done webauthn .io on their Keycloak instance?

There’s a bit of discussion starting here if exploring this is interesting: https://www.hylo.com/groups/collaborative-technology-alliance

Are there other projects that have Keycloak SSO systems in place?

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We’re using Authentik (https://goauthentik.io) internally at for workers.coop

It’s a great piece of open source SSO software and far easier to figure than keycloak in my experience

If you wanna have a chat about it let me know


We decided against Authentik for reasons I can’t recall right now.

The interoperability point would still stand though. Could my users authenticate on your Authentik server using the Oauth/OIDC credentials provided by my Keycloak server?

Should I enable login to my services using the credentials you provide on your Authentik server?

I’d have to look into that, but do you mean federated login? There is a section for federated logins so I’m guessing yes.

What is it you’re trying to achieve? Cotech currently doesn’t use SSO. When I said internally I meant MediaBlaze Hosts


I’m interested in reducing friction for users moving between platforms.

For example several hundreds of my users additionally have accounts on Wechange.de. They have user/pass for my Keycloak/services and also a user/pass for the wechange Keycloak/services. Many probably have Faircom accounts, Hylo accounts, meet.coop accounts etc etc

Your internal instance is probably not a great example, I guess I’m interested in where people are providing public-facing services.