Which co-ops are providing hosting?

We have a need for some basic Virtual Machine hosting for our Ubuntu servers. We can manage the software ourselves.

Anyone got pointers to co-ops doing this?

eg https://www.webarchitects.coop/virtual-servers

Hi James, we (MediaBlaze Hosts) provide VPS hosting :blush:

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There is the Virtual Servers page on the CoTech website:

Note that the Webarchitects prices include backups and security updates, if you don’t need us to do security updates you can deduct £20 per month from the prices (not having backups isn’t an option!):

Hi Chris,

Can we be added to the Virtual Servers page on the CoTech site please?
I’ve managed to swing it that I’m stopping over tomorrow night now, so looking forward to catching up over a few beers!


@Cweb-Nick This is your site - https://web.coop/ - do you have a page where we can see details of your virtual host offering?

I’ll be digging into the rest of the sites - thanks everyone!

We sure do too!

Added to the dev version:

Will be live at some point later today.

@chris Just looking back at this thread, while we are featured on the hosting page, Co-operative Web don’t seem to be on the Virtual Servers page. Can we be added please? Thanks.

Would anyone at web.coop be interested in helping to edit and update the site? I have fixed this issue, I’m afraid I’m not sure why I thought I had fixed it in April but this didn’t actually get fixed, it would be good if you could fix things like this yourself in the future :slight_smile:.

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