What software do you use for handling support requests?

Agile Collective are currently looking at replacing our old and slightly creaky support system built in Drupal 7 using the Open Atrium distribution.

Our preference is for a self-hosted Open Source system, but we’re currently evaluation all options include commercial SaaS offerings.

I’m interested in hearing what other people are using to handle and track support requests and whether you would recommend it or avoid it.



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May First has been using trac for 16 years and we are on the cusp of finally replacing it. Needless to say, I don’t recomment it.

It may be obvious to most, but when we started using Trac we didn’t fully realize how different bug tracking software and support software is - so be sure to focus on software designed for support.

We’re looking closely as Zammad. You can request a free trial via zammad.com which really helped with evaluation. We’re also looking at a Zammad derivitave called CDRL Link that focuses on security.


FWIW there is a basic Ansible Zammad role here and a repo to deploy a server here, however I haven’t updated these for a year.

Hey @stephen

We commissioned said Zammad Ansible role!

Would recommend it as a ticket system. After much research it seemed like the best solution. We have recommended it to charities and they seemed to enjoy it.

Also their team in Germany are very nice if you decide to host with them.


Thanks @alex @jamie Zammad is on our list of things to trial, so will definitely check it out, see if it does what we need it to.




Not a ‘proper’ solution, but I just use a webform to create Wekan cards. N8N.io to send a ‘thanks we got it’ message.