What is a Co-op explainer resources creative brief

Here is a creative brief that we are sharing with our members. I have sent directly to some of you but sharing here also.

We’re planning to create some new resources that will help co-operatives explain simply WHAT a co-op is and WHY people should choose them. To inform this, over the last couple of months we have run a consultation with our members (online survey and workshop) to help define common language and key messages that ALL co-ops can use.

We’d like to launch these resources in time for Co-op Fortnight (20 June to 3 July 2022) but we’re not branding them as Co-op Fortnight - as we want co-ops to use them all year round.

We’ve attached the draft key messages to the brief but we are waiting for feedback from our co-op panel, so these may be refined. I will upload the final key messages next week, but didn’t want to delay sending the brief out as the closing date for proposals is 9am on Monday 11 April.

We appreciate this is quite a tight turnaround but we need to allow enough time to produce the creative resources in time for Co-op Fortnight.

If you have any questions please email leila.osullivan@uk.coop


Wendy, welcome to the forum! The URLs in your message above only work for people logged into the uk.coop website, could you update your post with URLs that work for people without an editor account there, thanks!


Thank you - that wasn’t a very good start was it? I have updated the links and hope you can access them now