What hacker news thinks of tech co-ops

Generalising but mostly a “start-up” crowd with a mix of apolitical / centre-right / liberal discourse.

Amazing work @hng for putting this together!


I find it interesting that the standard unthinking response to decentralisation of power is that we need hyper-specialised people.

So, for example, in that thread, people are replying that we need very specialised people to create AAA games. In work I’ve been doing around Open Badges for over a decade, people say that we need surgeons so badges can’t be a thing.

What I’ve realised is that this is an understandable knee-jerk reaction from people who a) haven’t thought much about this previously, b) have a lot of time and effort invested in the status quo, and c) are doing quite well (financiall) out of that status quo.

But yes, great work @hng and, as ever, when it comes to the work we’re doing people who say it cannot be done should perhaps not interrupt those who are doing it :wink:

(also I’ve submitted a PR for WAO as otherwise that’s quite a narrow definition of ‘tech co-op’ they’ve got there…)


@decentral1se thanks for sharing!

I had the plan to celebrate 1k+ stars by setting up a static website for this list to make viewing a bit nicer (and decouple it from Github a bit). The recent HN discussion pushed the number of stars way past 1k, so I got to work again and finished it almost.

You can find a generated version (using mkdocs) on http://tech-coops.xyz now. I would love to get some feedback before I make the website official.

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