Wellbeing of Women - website redesign and build

Posting this on behalf of Beth Granter:

Hello! My client Wellbeing of Women has a brief for a full website redesign and development, budget £60k. First seeking expressions of interest before we choose agencies to do full proposals, to save everybody time…

Wellbeing of Women - Brief for website redesign and build project.pdf (183.9 KB)


Thanks for sharing Doug, this looks really interesting! Would you like to collaborate on this at all or simply passing on?

Cheers for asking, Joe - on this occasion I’m just passing it along :smile:

No worries! Thought we could get the award-winning Hyde team back together :smile:

Thanks for adding this Doug, we would be very interested in applying for this at Creative Coop. Seems well suited to us.

Hi! Thanks for sharing this opportunity.
We would also be interested in applying if possible.

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Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to let you know that we have put in an expression of interest for this work. It would be great to know who ended up doing the same. And good luck to those that did! We wanted to check in earlier but time got away from us.

At the moment we are very much looking for projects this kind of size but potentially open to collaborating if there is good opportunity to.

I would definitely prefer there not to be multiple co-ops going for every pitch in general as I think this is really inefficient use of time, and obviously means that most of us will have spent time on something that brings in no revenue, but I’m at a bit of a loss of any fair process for this. Any thoughts welcome!


At FACTTIC, tech-coop network from Argentina, we do it in this way:

  1. Tech coops interested in the lead raise the hand. We try to give 1 week to do this.
  2. We do a quick call with interested coops and that coops decide if one coop is the best option or (better) create an intercoop team to do that work
  3. We choose some coop or person that will be the contact with that client
  4. (Ideal) We do a post-mortem and share it with the rest of coops.