Various efforts have been made to make it easier for people to understand CoTech when they join.

This is a place to list and discuss these efforts.

CoTech Newsletter: March 2018

@dansmallaxe Do you have the powerpoint deck that you made?

Please post any onboarding stuff here.

I was inspired to by the really good on-boarding the Digital Life Collective do. They send a series of emails (seemingly one per week) that help you understand what you’re supposed to do. You can read them all online here: https://diglife.com/member-orientation/ Hats off to @shaun @Graham and whoever else had a hand in creating them.


Here’s the slides for ‘CoTech Intro for new members’: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/178XHyTFw2_tryrTv8stpxLBWzmFHd_q3VdfJ1VyHJks/edit?usp=sharing

Was a while ago now so definitely needs updating, but the idea was that whenever an organisation joins CoTech, one of the things we ask is they commit to making a presentation like this to their member employees. That way we can make sure that awareness and interaction with CoTech within member orgs is more widely spread than the 1/2 people who tend to be responsible at first.

If anyone wants to take on working to update/improve these slides would be happy to help



Sadly I can’t take any credit for the drip emails from Digital Life Collective, but I agree they are good method in support of on-boarding.

Like the slidedeck @dansmallaxe - not seen those before, and found it most interesting, especially the bit about growing the cooperative movement. I’d be interested to understand more about the general view within CoTech about movement building activities as its not something I’ve seen discussed very much (and is something that I’m very interested in).


Really handy to whizz over this, thanks for sharing the link as I just joined up this morning (I am new to Coop movement but Wave Design obviously are not unfamiliar so am hoping to get more involved!) My areas of expertise are new business, marketing and PR - happy to input where required. Thanks, Sarah Morgan - 07789 956 966