Various efforts have been made to make it easier for people to understand CoTech when they join.

This is a place to list and discuss these efforts.

@dansmallaxe Do you have the powerpoint deck that you made?

Please post any onboarding stuff here.

I was inspired to by the really good on-boarding the Digital Life Collective do. They send a series of emails (seemingly one per week) that help you understand what you’re supposed to do. You can read them all online here: https://diglife.com/member-orientation/ Hats off to @shaun @Graham and whoever else had a hand in creating them.

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Here’s the slides for ‘CoTech Intro for new members’: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/178XHyTFw2_tryrTv8stpxLBWzmFHd_q3VdfJ1VyHJks/edit?usp=sharing

Was a while ago now so definitely needs updating, but the idea was that whenever an organisation joins CoTech, one of the things we ask is they commit to making a presentation like this to their member employees. That way we can make sure that awareness and interaction with CoTech within member orgs is more widely spread than the 1/2 people who tend to be responsible at first.

If anyone wants to take on working to update/improve these slides would be happy to help



Sadly I can’t take any credit for the drip emails from Digital Life Collective, but I agree they are good method in support of on-boarding.

Like the slidedeck @dansmallaxe - not seen those before, and found it most interesting, especially the bit about growing the cooperative movement. I’d be interested to understand more about the general view within CoTech about movement building activities as its not something I’ve seen discussed very much (and is something that I’m very interested in).

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Really handy to whizz over this, thanks for sharing the link as I just joined up this morning (I am new to Coop movement but Wave Design obviously are not unfamiliar so am hoping to get more involved!) My areas of expertise are new business, marketing and PR - happy to input where required. Thanks, Sarah Morgan - 07789 956 966

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Hi, not sure I should be reviving this but can’t find a discussion on it elsewhere.

We may be atypical - I already know CoTech and talk with Aaron and Chris and hence maybe didn’t need any on-boarding - but things I noticed as a new member…

After the Loomio vote, there was no welcome email, which as well as being a nice thing to get could set out:

  • brief history of CoTech
  • how CoTech works (in terms of decisions, and how to get more involved)
  • how to join the community boards
  • how to add your coop profile
  • where to get / how to use the a ‘Member of CoTech’ logo to add to the website
  • a slide deck or even webpage link to share with coop members
  • contacts of anyone prepared to hand hold new members

be happy to contribute to making this happen



I’d love for their to be a CoTech welcoming group who take care of onboarding new members (and handling their initial applications). All of the things you suggest sound amazing. At the moment I think new applications are handled in a very ad-hoc way (we receive an email to the address on the site, and somebody might pick it up). I think in recent times, probably related to how much folks work lives have changed, some things have slipped through the cracks.

I’d be really happy to help you improve this, thank you for offering!


Hi Chris - righto, we’d better get cracking then :slightly_smiling_face:

From memory it wasn’t very clear to me how to apply, so perhaps we can look at that too.

I’ll put together a doc of what might go into a mail, I know there’s stuff on the wiki etc that we can use. Some bits I have no idea about, may find the answers but otherwise will ask.

General questions from a position of general ignorance:
@calummackervoy How is the newsletter sent, is there a template?
Who should be involved in looking at how to handle new applications / members to systematise it?


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Hi Michael - for how the newsletter is compiled see the Git repo

There’s also this onboarding presentation that was last updated in September 2020, it will be a useful resource I think

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Shall we set up a call to chat about this and decide what the next steps are? I’m happy to be involved!

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We are due to have the monthly CoTech call today at 4pm, I’ll put it on the agenda.

We talked about this at today’s circle call and there were loud noises of positive enthusiasm :smiley: @Michael_Wignall how’re you getting on with the document? Anything we all can do to support? :pray:

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I found the on boarding slide show super useful yesterday. I learned a lot more about the structures and processes of cotech as well as where conversations are happening :slight_smile:

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Hi @3wordchant

thanks for the nudge, I am feeling increasingly guilty about it hanging around on my to-do list for ten weeks now, but honestly I’m not sure when I’ll get round to it. Paid client work comes first and we have an avalanche of it at the moment. Maybe better for someone else to take it on.