Webinars on Cybersyn

Hi peers,

For those who understand Spanish, I just attended today a webinar with Raul Espejo, former director of the cyber-socialist project known as Cybersyn. They talk about Cyberfolk and dynamics of participatory planning and liquid democracy using communication technology. I think this is worth taking a look as tech cooperatives might benefit from developing further on what was done and tested with these production coordination tools. The recording will be available soon and I think there will be more webinars coming.


This is the link for the organizers fb page: https://www.facebook.com/Economía-Social-Tecnología-y-Democracia-109600390955569


Very cool and thanks for sharing! I’ve been a huge fan of the Cybersyn program and have recently started reading Towards a new socialism which takes lots of inspiration from Cybersyn. My spanish is reasonably terrible but if you come across any interesting english-translated or spanish-written resources, I’d be very interested in checking them out.

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oooooh la raja @Patelo thank you thank you thank yooooou

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All this stuff is based on the work of Stafford Beer and the Viable Systems Model as far as I know. There’s a useful guide for co-ops written by my good friend Jon Walker: https://www.esrad.org.uk/resources/vsmg_3/screen.php?page=introduction

See also https://wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Cybernetics_of_the_Commons and https://www.amazon.co.uk/Complexity-Approach-Sustainability-Application-Science/dp/1848165277 (apologies for the Amazon link)

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Some further internet sleuthing brought me to this video of an English talk by the same speaker on Cybersyn which may be of interest to some here.