We launched a product!

Hey folks!

One of our new years resolutions was to build and launch a product. We spent a bit of time in January to finish up a side-project and have now launched mission-patch.com. It lets you design custom laptop stickers to help your team celebrate sucesses. Ultimately we weren’t able to work with Calverts to do the actual printing, but they’ve been really helpful in recommending other friendly print collectives to help us.

Here’s a little example:


As well as telling you about it (because we’re excited) I’m also curious to know whether other co-ops, particularly those whose main income is client work, have tried diversifying their income by building products. What kind of challenges have you faced? How do you balance the client- and non-client time?


Nice! (although I’m not a sticker person myself - have literally never stuck a sticker to a laptop!).

Out of interest, which printer(s) did you end up using?


Thanks! We’re working with Puck Studio in Dalston.

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