UTAW: United Tech and Allied Workers branch for tech workers

If any of you are based in the UK and looking to join a Union or are interested in Unions for tech workers, UTAW (United Tech and Allied Workers) just kicked off this week as part of CWU.

“United Tech and Allied Workers is a branch of the Communication Workers Union which seeks to represent and fight for workers interests in the tech industry.”

You can sign up or learn about UTAW here: https://utaw.tech/about

There’s options to be a supporter or formally join.

If you sign up today the first general meeting is happening this evening, with exec roles being nominated/voted on.

In solidarity,



Hi Oliver,

I’m a freelancer based in Paris, but I have some UK clients and I’m a member of a freelancer’s co-operative based in Newcastle upon Tyne

Is the union open to freelancers, and is the “UK-based” part strictly domicile?

I’m from Hertfordshire, England originally

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Good article about it here,

https://www.wired.co.uk/article/united-tech-and-allied-workers-union :smiley:


Hey Callum,

You can absolutely join as a supporter, which is free and gets you access to the discord and general meetings.

You can also join as a member if you’re doing freelance work as part of a UK co-op!

I’ve joined as a member as part of Cetis where I do freelance contract work as part of a workers co-op. Membership is open to anyone working freelance or for a company/coop in the UK.

Being part of UTAW will also help you link with other Unions and solidarity networks in Europe via CWU if you need support and case work in Europe for example.

If you’re still unsure you can register as a supporter and then speak with the secretary or officers. I am 99% sure you eligible to join as a member, as I am. My coop work is 5% of my work (I also work at a University), and I’ve joined as a member.

Hope this is useful info!




Thanks both!

I’m going to join as a supporter for now and see how it goes :slight_smile: