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Obviously i’ve forwarded this a bit late, but it’s a regular thing, anyone can take sign up and take part. cath x
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Subject: [AgaricShowandTell] LINK - Join Agaric for Show and Tell Wednesday May 8th 11am EDT (3pm UTC)
Date: Tue, 7 May 2019 23:57:31 -0400
From: Micky Metts
Organization: Agaric

Join us - Wednesday May 8th 11am EDT (3pm UTC)
Open discussion on how our technology cooperatives work internally and getting to know more about each other and our skills and projects.

Anyone is welcome to show up with a short presentation or topic of discussion! I can give a short report-back on the first formal meeting of the Radical Connections Network last week in NYC at the People’s Forum. It is a network of technologists and non-technical activists that came together at a gathering at the Highlander Center-

Here is the link to Show and Tell chat:
We are using jitsi and appreciate you filing an issue if you have any problems using jitsi. If you need help filing a bug report, reach out and someone will help!

In Solidarity,
Micky Metts
Agaric ~ FreeScholar - We are your Cooperative Tech Ally.
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