Updating our public site, www.coops.tech

We should update the public facing site with links to this forum — many of the emails that are sent to the contact list would be better posted to this site (perhaps mostly in the jobs catagory), the four sections of text to potentially update:

  1. https://www.coops.tech/#contact
  2. https://www.coops.tech/about
  3. https://www.coops.tech/join
  4. https://www.coops.tech/manifesto

There are editable copies of these texts on the wiki:

  1. https://wiki.coops.tech/wiki/Get_In_Touch
  2. https://wiki.coops.tech/wiki/About_CoTech
  3. https://wiki.coops.tech/wiki/Join_CoTech
  4. https://wiki.coops.tech/wiki/Our_Manifesto

But the actual text is in the git repo for the contact / get in touch text and for the other three pages the text is in WordPress Pages:

  1. https://github.com/cotech/website/blob/master/web/app/themes/coop-tech-oowp-theme/views/frontPage.php#L252
  2. https://www.coops.tech/wp/wp-admin/post.php?post=248&action=edit
  3. https://www.coops.tech/wp/wp-admin/post.php?post=246&action=edit
  4. https://www.coops.tech/wp/wp-admin/post.php?post=303&action=edit

So… anyone want to suggest some updated wording either here or by updating the wiki pages? Then when we have something agreed we can update the site (we could update the dev site first to see how it looks if needs be)?

The night before last @harry worked into the early hours on the https://www.coops.tech/ site, see the changes listed on the merge request, these updates have now been made live and co-ops need to update their data, (members, workers, turnover etc), so please login and get updating :slight_smile:


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Thanks @harry. I’ve just updated our turnover, number of members, workers and full-time equivalent staff.

Everyone else: It only took a couple of minutes so please do update your details too.

Cheers, Chris

Thanks @chris and @chrisroos - pleasure being a citizen with you :blush:

I’ll do a bit of chasing re: updated figures - thanks for getting in their first @chrisroos

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There are still some co-ops who haven’t updated their data and in addition there is now the ability to add people and their skills, rates and availability and then view them when you are logged in, so it would be good so see some more data on there! People might have missed this comment from harry on GitHub:

If you have a website account you can add the members of your co-ops from this page: https://www.coops.tech/wp/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=person

You can tag them with ‘technologies’ and ‘services’ and (if you’re feeling advanced, assign ‘experience points’ which are a relative weighting of your various skills - e.g. if you do ten times more programming that project management put “10” experience for the former and “1” for the latter (it’s a ratio, so 100:10 = 10:1).

Once you’ve entered the skills you can see a listing of them all here: https://www.coops.tech/people

You can also see data at the co-op level here: https://www.coops.tech/coops
It’s a bit of a hack and there is no way to view an individual person right now.

One question I have, for @harry I guess, is what exactly does “Min (cost) rate” mean? Is this what we are actually paid?

Hello @chris @harry

Thanks for this prompt. When adding a good number of folk, it would save
time and improve consistency if a plugin were added to enable duplication
of a person post.

Just updated the Cetis LLP entry on dev.coops.tech – how and when is that mirrored to www.coops.tech?



It isn’t I’m afraid, you need to do it the other way around, add your details to www.coops.tech and then we can updated dev.coops.tech with them.