UPDATE: Worker Co-op Weekend 22-25 July

Updating you on this, because it’s no longer possible to update the original thread from March

Short news Worker Co-op Weekend is on at Selgars Mill from pm Friday 23 - Sunday 25 July, with camping, rooms, dorms and yurts options. Co-ops UK booking form is live, and you can propose sessions or help co-design the main event here.
Other news Solidfund has agreed to guarantee the costs of taking Selgars Mill for an extra day from pm Thurs 22-pm Fri 23rd, for pre-events or fringe sessions, including a Solidfund strategy discussion. CoTech decided not to call its own gathering on the day, but some of you are are coming anyway and it would be an opportunity for an unofficial CoTech klatsch.
Further news Solidfund also agreed to fund up to £1,500 of bursaries (up to £150 per person) to support SF members, or people nominated by SF members, towards travel and ticket costs for any or all of the events, paid as a reimbursement on receipts. Email comms@solidfund.coop for more info

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