Upcoming event: Cooperative Ways Forward

Register now for the Ways Forward 2022 conference: Thursday 20th and Friday 21st of October – in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. The two-day event explores the key role of cooperation in effective community-led responses to the climate crisis that not only enable us to take action to cut our emissions, but also build the new organisations and businesses that we need for a regenerative future, and do it in a just and fair way.

As the cost of living crisis bites, the deep inequalities in our society are increasingly plain to see. The need for a different approach – that builds inclusive economies and climate justice – has never been clearer or more urgent. This conference will show that effective solutions already exist, built on sound values and principles, and that through wider cooperation – across communities and social movements, between public, private and third sectors – we can scale these out widely and at speed.

Cotech people with an interest in cooperatives and the climate emergency (that must be all of us right?) will be interested in this conference next week in Manchester. Tickets are available and affordable.

Commonly (this is the 8th edition of this conference - last held in 2019 as a consequence of Covid lockdown) this event draws a decent group of people with interest in cooperation, in cooperative development, and wider stuff like community wealth building, working with local government, etc. This year we’ll have some provocative and interesting discussions about how we might move cooperation out of it’s little niche/silo, and how it might offer a unifying principle around which we could mobilise much wider support and collaboration in order to tackle the climate emergency.

More details and online registration is all at https://waysforward.coop

Hope to see a few CoTech faces there. I know Chris is going at least.

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Manchester Tech Festival is also this week! (https://www.manchestertechfestival.co.uk/). I am going to some of the events and enjoying having conversations about ethical concerns and political views with some of the attendees.
As you are in Manchester, maybe we can organise a small Cotech meetup, it’s always good to meet people face to face. Drop me a line if you want, I am quite free on the evenings!

@Pau come to the Workers Co-op event tonight, you would be most welcome.

Great, I’ll be there. See you later!

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