Unite Digital & Tech branch strike at Goodlord

One of our clients, Unite London Digital & Tech branch, have members taking indefinite strike action:

There is more information on the branch site:

and the national union site:


Thank you for sharing! anything we as cotech to do in solidarity?


Send messages of support, if you live in London visit the picket line as part of your daily exercise?


Will do! In Manchester myself. I’ve shared with United Tech and Allied Workers union to spread the support and solidarity!


Hello, I’m a member of the branch whose members are on strike. Thanks Chris for raising the issue here. And thanks Oliver, some UTAW people joined the picket on Friday. We’ve updated our guide to the strike - Goodlord referencing department strike - Google Docs


Hi everyone, just an update. The strike is still ongoing but morale is high. If you know anyone that might want to come to the picket line here are the next dates & times:

Thursday 8/4 11.30-14.00
Friday 9/4 11.30-14.00
Thursday 15/4 11.30-14.00
Friday 16/4 11.30-14.00

Heneage Street, London E1 5LN

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Change to this week’s picketing schedule:
Tuesday 13/4 11.30-14.00
Friday 16/4 11.30-14.00

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