Union Hack 2020

The corona pandemic and the rapid advance of digitalization associated with it are turning the professional world upside down and are also presenting labour unions with major challenges. Challenges that we can only solve together.

That is why we have launched the Union Hack – a digital cross-union hackathon. In 24 hours, the Hackathon teams develop creative solutions, concepts, and prototypes to solve real challenges that labour unions are facing today –

to shape digitalization to be innovative and meaningful, to support more contribution and participation, to ensure strong and sustainable

Is it something international?

@Patelo I don’t see anything about country restrictions in the FAQ :world_map:

Anyone who is interested in working in mixed teams to develop solutions to the unions challenges can participate. A membership or previous union experience is NOT mandatory for participating in the Union Hack. No matter what your professional background is, most important is that you want to use your creative, professional, technical, methodological, thematic or graphic skills in a solution-oriented way.

Contact email is unionhack@labourdigital.de

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