Understanding CoTech membership criteria

I’ve been looking at Co-ops UK’s open dataset listing all the co-ops it knows of in the UK, to get a feel for how is complete and accurate their data is on worker co-ops. In the process, I checked to see whether a sample of CoTech members were included in their data. Then I looked up a few CoTech members at Companies House, to see whether their governing legal document would be picked up by Co-ops UK’s data scrape.

I found two CoTech members straight away whose legal document would not ID them as a worker co-op (or any kind of co-op). However I appreciate that CoTech asks people to submit their ‘governing document’ as evidence that they are a worker co-op, and this might not be the same as their articles at Companies House, FCA Rules, Partnership Agreement, constitution, etc.

Can anyone shed light?


That’s interesting! @jdaviescoates added a Governing Docs column to the table on this wiki page a while ago so you could to add what you found there. There are also links to some of the joining decisions in the Joined CoTech column (and more links could be added), it would be good to be clear on this stuff.

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This is cool they did this!

Pleased to see we are on there, was a bit worried!


Many thanks to @jdaviescoates for doing this anto @chris for the heads-up. I’ve just filled in the details for We Are Open Co-op, to the best of my knowledge!