Uconomy Needs CoTech

Uconomy is a startup that’s market-ready with a working prototype. Its expansive business model grows to a size bigger than today’s tech giants - and we’re a coop!

I’d like as many CoTech members that are willing, join the multi-stakeholder co-op that’s Uconomy.

Uconomy went beyond micro- and macro-economics, to innovate from a broader perspective. We call it Super Macro: Imagine two seperate economic eras, each with its own price inflation index, made to coexist in parallel. In all likelihood, folks would rather shop in the economy that’s cheaper!

I hope I’m not too audacious by way of this post.

Hi, welcome! Is the website https://platform.uconomy.co.za?

Hi @decentral1se. The same “Uconomy” nomenclature apparently but that website and that other “Uconomy” is totally not us.

Allow me mini-pitch our Uconomy. Our value proposition is premised on a 50% discount offering to everyone in sustainable deflation cycles.

Imagine every bank account (business and individual accounts alike) having a Uconomy wallet account as a side gig. Users agree that whenever any due payment arrives, 90% and 10% goes into their regular account and Uconomy wallet respectively.

By this gradation approach the Uconomy gets built as a parallel economy made seperate by algorithms that lock all Uconomy accounts in CUG mode: Transactions between Uconomy wallet accounts are permitted whereas payments to accounts outside the CUG are disabled.

Consequent to the core offering, our algorithms ensure a default half-pricing on every Uconomy transaction: every Ucomomy account receives half the payment it would otherwise have received in the regular economy.

Created thus, are to parallel economies, one whose price inflation index is default set to exactly half that of the other.

Our Proof shows Uconomy a win-win for all stakeholders: individuals, businesses, communities and whole economies. I’d like to discuss this further.

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I hope we are keeping safe.

I wanted to say this. I have the Uconomy MVP/Prototype but alas, no sizeable budget - I’ve bootstrapped all along.

I applied as a non-profit to Y Combinator’s Summer 2020 cohort for a £100K grant. I got their rejection e-mail about 3 weeks ago.Screenshot_20200516-180455
Are CoTech members open to consideration of deferred payment for their specialized services? Strategy, Community Building, Marketing, Big Data, Animation, being the main services needed that brings Uconomy to market?

Oh how I wish.

Hello Kofoworola, I notice no-one’s replied, perhaps it’s a concept that doesn’t appeal. I would be politely skeptical about the need for a parallel monetary system, as it could be subject to the various pressures of any capitalist system, couldn’t it?

@jonathan I suspect the issue here might be that most folks prefer working with a client’s budget other than some deferred payment arrangement.

Very true, no doubt. We all need income from clients, to pay the bills. Although some software is written speculatively, much of it doesn’t sell, or isn’t adopted because only the person who wrote it thinks it’s needed. On the other hand, groups of co-operatives sometimes do come together on an agreed basis, to produce software in expectation of future customer demand. To get to that point requires the slow wheels of democracy to move. First to get to consensus on the need, then on planning including detailed agreement of who will do what work … especially if it’s initially unpaid.

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As far as reaching a consensus on the relevance of Uconomy (or the lack thereof), here’s another way to see the offering:

Think of Uconomy as anyone’s piggy-bank savings. But one with the added feature that mandates only half-priced quotation spending of the saved-up funds. An added layer in savings, one might say.

Yes, Uconomy is a marketplace borne out of same capitalism as is the regular market economy, replete with contentious inuendo.

However, Uconomy’s presence serves to counterbalance some of the ill tendencies of the unilateral market economy.

It is like the case of legacy co-operative banks hashed out of traditional banking and finance regulatory framework, yet crafted on operational models mainly suited for co-operative societies as opposed to the wider public.

There are great returns to the ownership if one scrutinises the revenue model: Uconomy “piggy-bank” wallet accounts are spent within the CUG of like accounts via e-transfer transactions. Thus funds revolve within the coffers of the banks that hold them, in dynamic “fixed deposit” fashion: Ownership of Uconomy can thus negotiate a percentage point interest on the revolving funds.

My suggestion goes beyond deferred payments to CoTech companies working with us. Rather I seek a multi-stakeholder co-operative ownership of the idea by us all including Uconomy users and even the holding commercial banks - all based on stakeholder-defined roles that decidedly fit our idea of what is fair to each and all.

Hi folks.

Did anyone read through the Uconomy Proof?(here’s the link: “Proof”).

Uconomy is my idea of a parallel market economy made to thrive alongsides the regular market economy. And because the Uconomy is designed with a default half-priced inflation compared to the counterpart regular market inflation, by this potential difference is derived the value of the platform: one’s money goes twice as far, buying within the Uconomy.

I’m really hoping I can find partnerships amongst CoTech companies that work towards bringing Uconomy to life.