Travel and accomdidation for Newcastle 2019 gathering

Hi folks,

I’ve been pretty ill with flu and when I came out of that stupor I realised i haven’t sorted any logistics for Newcastle.

Is anyone driving up via Birmingham? Does anyone have a spare place to stay for me? Drop me a line if so. Thanks in advance! :heart:

Suggestion: Check out Megabus coaches, it’s cheap from Sheffield to Newcastle, so could be from Birmingham :slight_smile:

Thanks @jonathan

Unfortunately it takes so long from Brum. Like 5 hours! It must stop at loads of places.

Hi @kawaiipunk, you can stay with me if you want!

The happy devs have been waylaid by the strike in France, so some room has opened up in my house

True. It’s about 4 hours from Sheffield. But cheap. I can sleep or take something to do … we go to London that way from here. Anyway see u there :slight_smile:

Thanks @KingMob that would be awesome! See you soon.