Training: Getting Agreement to Get Things Done – Decision-Making in Action

A few of us from the CoTech crew will be assisting @PeteBurden on a consent-based decision making training aka sociocracy session next Friday. You might have heard some of us talk about it, so if you’re curious to know more please do book a spot.

Sociocracy has changed the way we get things done at Outlandish, and as you all know, Pete is a wicked facilitator. There are some more sessions pencilled for Oxford and potentially Bristol, so if you can’t make it to this but do want to come, we’ll be back with an update once we know more.


Got a web link to share and help promote @Kayleigh?

Jaysus how did I forget that?! Going to edit the original post now, thanks @jdaviescoates

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Posted that to a few other places too :grinning:

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Would love this but in Manchester for CECOP 40th / Coop Congress