Total number of workers in CoTech and total revenue

On the CoTech website we have:


I don’t believe that any of these numbers are accurate, there are at least 4 additional co-ops to add, the staff numbers are based on old and perhaps wrong numbers for each co-op, many coops don’t have a number and others appear to have not realised how these numbers are used.

I very much doubt the revenue number is correct and I’m not sure how best to update it.

There will be a lot of missing clients as well, the existing list is here.

Does anyone have a bright suggestion regarding how to best update this data?


We might be able to get this info via a simple form that each member coop fills in?

You know how these things go don’t you… someone will point out that we should have authentication, then we will want to be able to edit entries and then we will decide we need versioning and before we know it we have built a web application that needs hosting and maintaining and before we know it we have created more work for ourselves than we have saved…

So my suggestions would be to use existing tools, one (or both) of:

  1. People posting updated data to this thread.
  2. A spreadsheet on Nextcloud to keep track of when data was updated and the running totals.

The other concern regarding a “simple form” is that someone would decide to implement this using Google…

I’m not volunteering to create the spreadsheet as I find them really annoying (so annoying that I’d rather use a MediaWiki table :wink:).

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good idea… respond using thread and/or spreadsheet.

Another option, that occured to me after speaking to Colm from the Solidarity Economy Association, who use LimeSurvey to collect data for mapping, is that we could use our own instance which is hosted at to collect the data (no need to use Google forms!). I also has a brief chat with him about using their data / mapping tools for CoTech and perhaps this is something that could be looked at at the CoopHack at the beginning of July…