Today: CoTech October 2019 Call

We have a CoTech call tomorrow at 4pm, see the notes from the last one and a minimal agenda for it on the wiki, the main thing to discuss is the forth coming gathering in Newcastle and this now looks like it might be taking place in the immediate aftermath of a General Election…


I’ll be there for Code-Operative

I’m hoping to be there for Cetis LLP


I will put this on the agenda for our next general meeting, but I hope to be able to come or if not that AC will send at least 1 person.

Ah wrong thread! I will join the call…

I won’t be able to make the call today, however Dave will be joining from Co-op Web. Can someone confirm the dial in details please? On our last call we were discussing alternative methods due to the technical issues some of us were having

We can use if that works for everyone? It can fit up to 12 people which has historically been more than enough.

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Thanks @aaron - my action from last call was to suggest moving to Whereby as we had real difficulty getting it working with everyone on Jitsi. Whereby works well for us at Outlandish and I think we should give it a try and see how we get on!

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Is there any sign up for necessary in advance of 4pm, please?

@jonathan no, just go to the URL. It works best in Chrome or FF and you will need a headset ideally, and decent connection, of course.

Ta Aaron :slight_smile:

Nice one, see you shortly!

Thanks everyone for coming to the call!

This is me volunteering to be the co-ordinator for the next call on the 27th November, to find a facilitator and note-taker ahead of time, have notes and an agenda, and send out reminders to the coops of CoTech.

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