Time for a facelift - we need your help

Hi everyone,

Hope you all don’t mind me sharing this here.

We at MediaBlaze Hosts have been mulling the idea of a rebrand for a long time now and following my attendance at the Worker Coops Weekend, along with trying to make the point that we are a cooperative and want to help organisations move away from the tech giants, we realised we need to rebrand.

We’re stuck at the point that we have several “names” that we hope reflect the point we’re trying to make.

So, were looking for input from the community into helping us choose what fits best.

I’d be incredibly grateful if people could vote in our poll here: MediaBlaze Hosts Rebrand Poll


If you also have any ideas or suggestions you can enter them there.

We look forward to your responses and hope we live up to the name that wins!

The poll is open until 31/08/21

Thanks everyone. :blush:


Went for Entrust, on the basis that I was thinking about putting the word “hosting” after the name, and that one seemed the most positive and truthful.

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@liam I voted for “Unchain” assuming the full name would be like “Unchain Hosts” or “Unchain Hosting”. If you were thinking of switching to a single word, I’d pick Rehost instead.

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Hi Liam

I’m pleased to hear of this initiative. I knew of a business called Mediablaze - may well still be around - that made neon signage. It works as a name for that business, but not I think for you, so good luck with the change.

It’s tricky because I don’t know your customer base or much about your strategy and what defines you as a business, but I’ve offered a thought in your poll/research.


@Graham Thanks for your thoughts :slight_smile:
The reason for our current name was because before we were a coop, I was a sole trader and used to do media, live broadcasts etc. When registering, the existing name stuck. Obviously since then the coop has changed and definitely agree that the name no longer fits. Just taken a while to put things in motion.

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