Thoughts about ICA


Last month we have participated at the in Buenos Aires. We learn a lot about the cooperative world, and found many differences between our reality as workers co-ops and other kind of cooperatives like financial, services, etc.

Also, we are participating in the IT-Network, an ICA initiative started last monday, in order to connect tech-coops to other cooperatives for consulting and providing services. We (i mean FACTTIC) think that it’s an interesting space to participate, and we were wondering if CoTech knows about this, and if you are not participating for some reason…

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I believe this is the first time we have heard of this, it sounds like we should be involved, where can we find out more?

We have been invited by an email, with other ten people of organizations members of ICA. We can propose that you join to the next meeting…

I think this sounds like a rival initiative and we should CRUSH IT TO DUST!

Just kidding :slight_smile:

Sounds great and I’d love to be involved.

Might be good to involve in Italy, in France, in Germany, in the US and Enspiral in New Zealand and elsewhere.


There is now a ICA Discourse forum, hosted by gcoop, with categories for a IT and Youth network, hopefully the threads on the site will be made public soon, but for the moment it is private — you can sign up for accounts and get access after they are manually approved.

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Another angle on international links is via CECOP (European) and CICOPA (World) sectoral networks for coops in industry and services, part of the ICA family. I rep for the UK at CECOP and am just back from Singapore where CICOPA is scoping potential for worker and community coops. There is big interest in freelancer and tech coops and SMart is closely involved. I’m working on getting CECOP to have its 40th General Assembly in the UK next June alongside Coop Congress and that could be a good opportunity to ‘forge links’ (the workers have nothing to lose but their chains?)